IMC (International Movers Convention) is a fellowship of like-minded international movers and relocation experts that want to change the way the industry communicates and networks. Their founding members are from Asia and Europe, with over 20 years industry experience in creating, building, and running successful moving companies. Founded in 2011, IMC has radiply grown to over 1,100 members in 120 countries. With Asia as their meeting ground, the IMC offers Oxford Van Lines the benefit of global-focused networking with companies from every hemisphere, and the exchange of ideas and innovations that make us better at what we do.

People on the Move (PotM) is an international network of reliable and capable logistics specialists in the removal and relocation business. The strong support their members provide to one another has a favourable impact on each and every member´s business. This German-based non-exclusive cooperative network broadens Oxford Van Lines’ ability to respond to the growing needs of our clientele, as PotM is directed by a team with nearly 50 years combined experience in the shipping/forwarding industry. Naturally, Oxford’s membership with PotM instills greater confidence in our customers, magnifying our thorough capacities to handle any move, worldwide.